Our Team

Tracie Bjugan

Owner, Instructor, Trainer

As a young girl, Tracie was always horse-crazy, but didn't have the opportunity to pursue her passion. As an adult, Tracie embarked on the wonderful journey of horsemanship, and never looked back. First as an eventer and jumper, Tracie discovered dressage and was hooked. She competed as an amateur for many years, and then decided to make it a career. Tracie holds USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, in addition to several championship placings.

Bridgette Storey

Barn Manager

As a long time horse woman, Bridgette keeps the barn in tip top shape at all times. With daughters who both ride, she gets lots of exercise but no enough time in the saddle for herself!


Mouser extraordinaire

Doodle is the rodent maintenance crew. Always on the prowl for food, Doodle prefers to catch and kill his prey with an audience.... yuck... but there are no mice in the barn!! :)